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Rapid Lean is the B&N Europe approach to making rapid and sustained productivity improvement.  It certainly uses Lean concepts, but has been refined and enhacned in such a way that it delivers rapid savings early on while implementing all the longer term tools and techniques necessary to achieve long term sustained improvement.

Programs deliver significant net benefit even from year 1, and can be cash positive in 3-6 months.  Results are guaranteed.

To find out more about Rapid Lean:

About the approach taken towards implementing rapid lean improvement

Learn the actual steps to making and then sustaining rapid improvement

People Engagement
Sound Leadership, the right management processes, and building the need for change

Our specific toolkit used to make rapid improvement happen

Learn more about impressive results achievable from implementing rapid lean improvement

Our programs are guaranteed to deliver

We are passionate about improvement, contact us if you would like to know more  We’re eager to demonstrate how all of this can happen for your team, and how help you make long-term improvement stick.