Case Studies

We are very proud of our results – projects consistently over deliver, and not only are results sustained, but a higher long term rate of improvement is embedded.

Here is a selection of a very few of our projects – over the past 10 years we have helped clients identify over $840 million dollars of improvement globally, and over 46% of this has been implemented, and is delivering.

Determine the line bottlenecks, the manufacturing model, and a plan on how to implement improvement

Increase OEE, and reduce waste

Results from a US manufacturing facility

Reducing proof of delivery (POD) errors – from worst ever to best ever in 12 weeks

Food Manufacturing 
Efficiency and waste in baking.

Food bagging line – need to get up to ~70% quickly

Multi Site
Example of a roll out across multiple sites simultaneously

Fresh Produce
Efficiency improvement in a fresh product environment

Fresh Fruit Packing
Frequent Changeovers – dramatically reduction in changeover times

Paste Manufacture – Throughput Increase

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