Every site starts from a different place, so each improvement implementation process needs to be slightly different. However, there are common approaches. Specifc types of activity that take place include:

  • Impact workshops that train personnel in rapid improvement techniques, and support them making very rapid improvements to performance.  Impact workshops typically last 3-6 weeks, and are guaranteed to deliver a return on investment measured in weeks, not years
  • Front line manager training in leadership skills, and improvement techniques
  • Executive training in all manner of improvement techniques, and how to ensure support and sustained rates of improvement
  • I think these two are important maybe we need to find a different way to say it.  The Improvemetn champion is like our old SME and the measurement systems is important because healthcare just like the industrial side many times doesn’t know what they are measuring.  How they are measuring it or why they are measuring it.

The first step towards rapid improvement is to carry out a detailed site assessment.  The purpose of the assessment is to identify the areas of largest opportunity, and then to develop a plan to recover that opportunity.

A site assessments can take from between 3 days and 4 weeks, depending on the size, complexity, and the final level of detailed desired.

All assessments have at least two main outcomes:

Total Opportunity Matrix

  • Generates accurate process level performance from both existing data and service line or production line observations
  • Enables a view on genuine performance levels and true opportunities.

Sustainable Improvement Model

  • Reviews site improvement maturity and capabilities
  • Identifies areas to be supported to ensure results are sustained and improved over longer-term

Following an assessment we conduct management planning workshops, during which B&N Europe and the site team work together to scope, rate (by difficulty) and develop timeframes for delivery.

If you would like to organize a site assessment, contact us.